The Next Programme Starts on 22nd July 2024

Are you ready to hold yourself accountable? To learn the tools to change the habits of a lifetime? To be part of a team who will help you achieve the kind of results you’ve never seen before?

Are You Ready to Sort Your Fit Out?

Join us on an 6-week journey to fitness, with live workouts including HIIT Circuit, Weights sessions, Pilates, Yoga and of course Richie’s famous Kitchen Workouts! We have lots of meal inspo in our recipe books.

It’s never too late to start working towards your goals, and our programmes run 5 times a year. You’ll need to register before the start date of any programme as we don’t let members to join once a programme is in session. This is because from day 1, I’ll be teaching you about the tools you need to change the habits of a lifetime.

Join our Waitlist

We are currently mid programme but please leave your details here to join our priority wait list for the next programme. I can’t wait to be part of your journey. Thanks for your interest, Richie.

Join the waiting list for 22nd July 2024's programme